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The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Office 365

Is Office 365 something you keep hearing about, but are reluctant to try? Well, every day that goes by without it, you are risking your business’ security, efficiency, and budget. The times have changed, and Office 365 is here to make your life easier. While there are a lot of reasons to have Office 365…
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Here to Serve

This year has been a time to reflect on our business. Specifically how things have changed over the last 10 years, moving forward, growth, and identifying our strengths. At Run Networks, we celebrated 10 years of business this year. Why do we still love what we do? Let's dig in. If you research service excellence…
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Protect Your Business from Email Fraud

Email fraud doesn’t always look like fraud. More often than not, it can look like a legitimate request from a partner, someone inside your business or organization or even your boss. These scammers have done their homework, and can fool even the savviest business owners and employees. If you wire money or send ACH transactions,…
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Is Your Network Vulnerable?

Introduction SonicWALL sent us a notification recently regarding ransomware vulnerability. Typically, ransomware is difficult to prevent because new strains are released with every infection. Let's review a few things about why we should care about this alert as well as what the alert is protecting us against. What is a vulnerability? Viruses, malware, grayware, ransomware…
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Changing Your Email Server – Mac Outlook 2011

When changing your primary domain, you will need to change your email server on Outlook 2011 Mac. This document explains how to keep your account, but change the email server hostname in Outlook 2011. If you get a message similar to below, you may have the wrong domain listed. Try to change it to the…
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