Integration Documentation


Follow these easy steps to integrate the Automator App with your system.

Step 1 | Download Automator Onto Your Device

If you haven't downloaded the Automator App on your device, use the following link to download Automator.

Step 2 | Server Integration - Add Server Type

The Automator application uses a default service type. We recommend creating a service type of "Automator" to easily track time entered from the app, but you can use any existing service type. You will need a service type matching this name on your service board.

Follow the instructions below if you want to set a specific service type for the app.

  1. In ConnectWise, Go to the Service, Service Board setup table.
  2. Select your default service board. This will be set in the app as well later.
  3. Under the Types tab, add a new type with the description of "Automator".
Step 3 | Server Integration - Configure API Login
  1. From the ConnectWise setup tables, open General, Integrator Login.
  2. Create a new login to be used in the RUN Networks Automator iPad app. We recommend using runautomator.
  3. Give this user the following permissions.
  4. Save and close this record.
  5. This concludes the server configuration.
Step 4 | iPad/iPhone Integration Setup

Once the app is installed on the iPad/iPhone, go to settings, Automator and make the following adjustments. Please enter these settings carefully. The text must match EXACTLY with the ConnectWise data.


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