Managed Network Services

What is Managed Network Services?

Run Networks solves a problem you may not know you had: they provide all-inclusive, reliable management of your computer devices, servers and network. From being personal IT network consultants to managing software updates Run Networks can do a lot for your business.

Along with the peace of mind that comes from a managed firewall and managed antivirus, Run Networks also provides managed backup of your data both offline and in the cloud. Our network services give you the peace of mind you’re business has been looking for.

What if we already have internal IT staff, but we need extra help?

In many cases, your business can grow quicker than the supporting teams can scale with the proper staff and tools. This also means that your business’s structure “behind the scenes” could become your biggest Achilles heel. Most internal IT teams that are part of a company with under 5,000 employees struggle with network layer security. This is because they are focusing on helping staff members with computer issues, making sure that critical systems are running, and updating applications or hardware within the organization.

Co-managed IT support brings in Run Networks to take care of the day-to-day security, patching, anti-virus, backup and other critical, yet mundane tasks. Co-managed IT support allows your IT staff to focus on what brings in revenue, while you’re able to have a piece of mind that everything on the technical side is taken care of by a strong team of experts.

If you or your business are looking for IT network consultants to help manage your network, Run Networks’ support services are here to help. Contact Us today.

Our Services

Managed Help Desk

Help Desk & Remote Support

Run Networks wants clients to call immediately upon discovering a PC or network issue. Their dedicated help team will resolve the issue with the client before the problem or question becomes worse

Limited On-Site Support


Run Networks’ Managed IT support packages also include on-site services at the client’s place of business. Most issues can be resolved remotely, but for printer support, staff additions/changes/moves and hardware issues, their team is available to come to you.

Managed Backup


Every PC managed by Run includes virus protection that is installed, upgraded and configured by their technicians. This ensures protection from malicious software, which is provided by guarding against, detecting and reporting viruses. More Info

Run Networks®

Run Networks®