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Is Your Network Vulnerable?

Introduction SonicWALL sent us a notification recently regarding ransomware vulnerability. Typically, ransomware is difficult to prevent because new strains are released with every infection. Let’s review a few things about why we should care about this alert as well as what the alert is protecting us against. What is a vulnerability? Viruses, malware, grayware, ransomware […]

Run Networks Automator update released

We released a new version of the Run Networks Automator on November 4th, and it includes a major change to the pricing structure. Rather than charging monthly on a subscription model, we changed the app to a one-time purchase! No more subscriptions!   It includes the same great features include quick, simple time entry and […]

The $87 a week full-time employee

Did you know that you can have a full-time IT support team for much less than you realize? Now, before you report us for a Labor Law violation, for paying only $2.18 per hour, let us explain. The title is a bit misleading. It’s not really for one employee; it’s for our entire team! Run […]