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One of our strengths is that we keep as much in-house as possible. In fact, we all work literally in the office as much as possible. We have no remote workers, and no outsourced IT. We believe this provides the best team effort approach to IT support.

We store cloud backups in different locations depending on what data is being backed up. We have equipment in two datacenters that we use to manage all of our machines. This equipment stores backup and we use cloud services to store backups as well.

We have a Service Desk Coordinator. The Service Desk Coordinator allows the Help Desk team to do what they are best at and helps to keep them organized!

We have simple contracts. We want you to WANT to work with us and we will review the contract term during the proposal process.

Antivirus is a term that has changed tremendously over the last few years. Endpoint protection is included on all our managed machines. But we don’t stop at endpoint protection. We include our full Security 2.0 package which protects the machines and data to the full extent possible. We can discuss this in detail in person.

We do have an office. We believe working as a team in the office is important to provide the most efficient client service along with the best team knowledge sharing possible.

Our core service is Help Desk and Managed IT. The important point in this question is that some companies provide a lot of services, but they may not excel at all of them. All our services wrap around Help Desk and complement each other. We prefer to avoid the distractions of tertiary services.

Other than hosting web sites for our clients, all other services we provide are related to IT.

The cloud has really changed over the past 5-10 years. Initially, our recommendation was to move email to the cloud. That is still the case, but now we also recommend storing software on the cloud (SAAS). We have found that moving servers to the cloud does not pay off typically. Yes, you can eliminate some local risk and the physical purchase, but the costs for the hosting still outweigh the initial purchase of the server hardware, so moving servers to the cloud may, or may not be justified in your case. SAAS applications are a good alternative if you can find one that is a good fit. With SAAS applications, you can embrace the cloud and eliminate most management costs. Be sure to plan for growth with SAAS to make sure the application budget will scale with your growth plans.

We can provide references with a proposal, of course. We are also the only endorsed IT provider for the Nebraska State Bar Association.

We target businesses with 25-250 users. This range is a good fit for Managed IT either standalone on the lower end or with a co-managed approach on the upper end. We do support businesses less than 25 and will be happy to discuss how we can help, though.

We are proud to be locally owned. Our President, Brandon Gordon and his wife, Sarah have lived in Omaha for over 20 years. Brandon is originally from Iowa and attended Iowa State University while Sarah has lived in Omaha her entire life with family roots in both Omaha and western Nebraska.

While Run Networks is a managed IT support company at its core. We realize that business IT involves many different aspects related to IT. We strive in supporting the business as it relates to IT. This might involve various lines of business applications, practice management, researching new software, and of course supporting the users.

In addition to supporting the business as a whole, Run Networks focuses on protecting the data. This is so important that we rolled out our Security 2.0 initiative in 2022 followed by a 2023 update. We improved our security posture as well as that of all our clients. We know that you trust us to support your users, manage your network, and protect your data so we do what is necessary to make that happen.

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