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Run Networks is uniquely positioned to equip businesses that work with confidential information. Clients with medical and dental practices benefit from Run Networks’ dedication to PCI and HIPAA Compliance within the IT fields. Legal firms consistently deal with sensitive and private data that Run Networks is skilled at managing. Other businesses can be assured their information is protected and secure.

IT Support for Law Firms

Nebraska Law Firms
When Run Networks supports their clients in the legal field, they understand the importance of securing their clients’ information. They also understand the confidentiality required from their managed IT support services. This is an area in which they have a proven track record of excellent service.

IT Support for Medical

IT for Medicine & Dental
The medical field is becoming more digitalized and accessible online than ever before. This is why Run Networks is dedicated to providing information protection for patients and their records in multiple medical and dental offices. As offices utilize the ease of digital records, Run Networks ensures that those records are more secure than ever. Run Networks provides managed virus and managed firewall protection for hardware and software alike.

IT Support for Businesses

Business IT Services
Run Networks knows what it takes to support a successful business. Quick answers and technical fixes are important when your ability to help your clients is on hold. Run Networks uses the latest technology to help your team solve problems quickly. Run Networks Managed Support provides the highest quality IT software and updates to keep your office running smoothly.

IT Support for Non-Profits

Community | Religious
With the rapid growth of non-profit organizations, high quality IT management is paramount to support the assistance of our communities. Because volunteers often make up a large portion of your team, Run Networks wants your technology to be easy-to-use and accessible for anyone using your network and machines. Our affordability without loss in quality in this niche is also important for tighter budgets.

Run Networks®

Run Networks®