male hacker using session hijacking

What is Session Hijacking?

Session hijacking is a form of cyberattack where an unauthorized individual gains access to a user’s session on a web application or website. This allows the attacker to take control of the user’s account and potentially access sensitive information. Why is this important to you? Session hijacking can have serious consequences for both individuals and […]

notebook with passwords written down showing password best practices

Why You Should Never Know Your Passwords: The Benefits of Using a Password Keeper

Maintaining a secure online presence is crucial for every individual and business. One of the key steps towards this objective is implementing password best practices, which often contradict our instincts for convenience and memorability. This article aims to shed light on why knowing your own passwords might not be the best approach, and how password […]

woman scans email for email security purposes

Is it Real Or Fake? How To Recognize Phishing Emails

With our inboxes bombarded daily by a myriad of messages, identifying the genuine from the suspicious can often feel like a modern digital detective game. Especially when you consider the ever-present threat of phishing, a malicious sleight of emails designed to steal your sensitive data. But don’t fret, understanding email security is a skill that […]

employees using laptop to access cloud backup for business

Understanding the Difference Between Cloud Backup and Local Backup

Safeguarding your business data is not an option; it’s a necessity. Whether it’s storing important documents or securing customer data, finding a reliable solution can be a challenge. One of the most commonly discussed options is cloud backup for business. What exactly are the different types of backups? And which is more suitable for your […]

employee using laptop for endpoint protection solutions

Endpoint Protection vs Traditional Antivirus: Which Offers Better Threat Detection

If you had a business a hundred years ago, your biggest fears would be someone coming with a mask and a gun and ransacking your store. Today, the threats have shifted. Now, the biggest threats that businesses face can happen from anywhere in the world, at any time. The shifty robbers no longer wear masks, […]

cybersecurity portrayed on a yellow computer circuit board with a lock.

Cyber Security is Different Than IT Support

With cybercrime growing each and every year, the steps businesses are taking to protect their businesses have never mattered more. Buzzwords you might’ve heard in that industry can be anything from top cyber security solutions to how to better your software. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of it all and discover the IT […]

employees moving emails to outlook favorites

Managing Your Inbox: How to Add Your Junk Mail Folder to Outlook Favorites

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox? It can be challenging to keep up with important emails while sifting through spam and junk mail. However, there’s a handy feature in Outlook that can significantly streamline this process—the “Favorites” folder.  By adding your Junk Mail folder to Outlook Favorites, you can […]

A hand holding a smartphone with filled up one time password for the validation process, Mobile OTP secure verification method, 2-Step authentication concept.

What is MFA Fatigue and How to Combat it?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the single most important protection we can add to a username and password combination. We should not underestimate that protection. Unfortunately, everything has its weakness, and MFA has what the industry refers to as MFA Fatigue.  What is MFA Fatigue? MFA push notifications fix the hassle of entering the MFA code. […]