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Managing Your Inbox: How to Add Your Junk Mail Folder to Outlook Favorites

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox? It can be challenging to keep up with important emails while sifting through spam and junk mail. However, there’s a handy feature in Outlook that can significantly streamline this process—the “Favorites” folder.  By adding your Junk Mail folder to Outlook Favorites, you can […]

A hand holding a smartphone with filled up one time password for the validation process, Mobile OTP secure verification method, 2-Step authentication concept.

What is MFA Fatigue and How to Combat it?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the single most important protection we can add to a username and password combination. We should not underestimate that protection. Unfortunately, everything has its weakness, and MFA has what the industry refers to as MFA Fatigue.  What is MFA Fatigue? MFA push notifications fix the hassle of entering the MFA code. […]

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Cyber Security is Different Than IT Support

How Is Cyber Security Different Than IT Support? Most IT companies pride themselves on how good their IT support is, or how knowledgeable their team is. While that’s important, a huge segment of managing IT beyond the help desk that requires attention is protecting your data. Part of this process differs from site to site, […]

The Rise Of Bitcoin: What It Means For Business

The Rise Of Bitcoin: What It Means For Business With the adoption of blockchain technology increasing by the day, the time is ripe for small businesses to adapt to changing situations by learning about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. However, distrust towards the exchange organizations are among the worrying threats that keep many away from bitcoin […]

The Consequences Of The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack And The Effect It Had On DarkSide Hacking Group

The Consequences Of The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack And The Effect It Had On DarkSide Hacking Group DarkSide might have chosen the wrong business entity to target as they seemed to have lost more than what they had aimed to gain as ransom. It has caused the DarkSide hacking group to wind down its operations […]

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Why and What

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Why It Can Happen To Anyone, Anytime, And What You Need To Know About It

Colonial pipeline ransomware attacks made news headlines around the world recently. After shutting down its pipeline network for about a week, Colonial Pipeline hoped that the supply chain would normalize within the next few days after paying $4.4 in ransom. However, a couple of questions remain unanswered. First, are organizations doing enough to protect their CII (Critical Information Infrastructure), and second, should organizations pay the ransom in case of an unfortunate event of a ransomware attack?

What Reddit Users Should Be Doing After the Hack (And General Password Safety Tips)

Did you catch wind of the most recent data hack? Yes—Reddit was hacked on August 1st, 2018 and the hacker gained access to user data. According to a statement made by Reddit, “All Reddit data from 2008 and before, including account credentials and email addresses, as well as email digests sent by Reddit in June […]