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What Reddit Users Should Be Doing After the Hack (And General Password Safety Tips)

Did you catch wind of the most recent data hack? Yes—Reddit was hacked on August 1st, 2018 and the hacker gained access to user data. According to a statement made by Reddit, “All Reddit data from 2008 and before, including account credentials and email addresses, as well as email digests sent by Reddit in June […]

VPNFilter Malware – What you need to know

Recently, malware known as “VPNFilter” has been identified to potentially impact nearly 500,000 routers. This report was a result of Cisco Talos’s investigation. This is a big deal for not only residential networks, but also small businesses. VPNFilter is a potentially destructive malware, which means it can cause big damage and potentially large amounts of […]

Why You Should Encrypt Your Drive and How to Do It with BitLocker

Encrypting your hard drive adds another, more secure layer of protection to your data instead of just using a password. Drive encryption encodes your data so that if someone acquires your physical hard drive, it is not possible for them to retrieve your data without your passwords/drive encryption key. BitLocker is a program included in […]

3 Ways Malicious Email Attachments Can Change Your Life

Recently, we attended a seminar related to security. We were so amazed at the content, that we had to reproduce it. It’s important for our clients to understand why we put restrictions on email and passwords. It’s important to see what is possible without the security provisions we put in place. This is an example […]

Critical Service Notice – QuickBooks 2010

Access to critical Services in QuickBooks 2010, such as Payroll, Bill Pay, Online Banking, Email, and Support, will be discontinued on May 31, 2013. Avoid Service interruption by upgrading to QuickBooks 2013 today. Below is a summary of just two of the affected services: QuickBooks 2010 Payroll In summary, after May 31, 2013, QuickBooks 2010 […]

Podcast – What is Malware?

Ever had a strange program start popping up on your computer and then your computer couldn’t run any normal programs?  Unfortunately, you’ve had malware.  On this week’s podcast, we discuss malware, the history, and what you can do to protect yourself.  Listen now! [podcast][/podcast]