Managed Network Services

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Help Desk & Remote Support

Run Networks wants clients to call immediately upon discovering a PC or network issue. Their dedicated help team will resolve the issue with the client before the problem or question becomes worse.

Limited On-Site Support

Run Networks’ Managed IT support packages also include on-site services at the client’s place of business. Most issues can be resolved remotely, but for printer support, staff additions/changes/moves and hardware issues, their team is available to come to you.

Managed Backup

(HIPAA §164.308(a)(7))

Run Networks provides several backup solutions for their clients. They utilize both dependable local backup and add another layer of backup in an offsite cloud. This cloud backup is secure, and provides for your disaster recovery planning. Different levels of cloud service provide basic file restoration up to cloud virtualization. Run Networks is passionate about information backup! More Info

Managed Antivirus

(HIPAA §164.308(a)(5))

Every PC managed by Run includes virus protection that is installed, upgraded and configured by their technicians. This ensures protection from malicious software, which is provided by guarding against, detecting and reporting viruses. More Info

Managed Windows Updates

(HIPAA §164.308(a)(5))

Although operating systems and programs seem to update automatically, a personal touch is needed to ensure every PC across your organization is operating efficiently and is truly up-to-date with the current software upgrades.


This service provides overview and detailed reports on all Run Networks’ services to keep you informed of your network’s status. It’s important for you to receive feedback on your network and as your IT partner, Run Networks wants this process to be as clear as possible.


You need to keep track of the hardware, software and users in your organization. Run Networks’ team regularly conducts audits to check warranty status, hardware configurations, applications installed and more to report to you on a regular basis.


Alerts are set to inform Run Networks of the status of your services, disk space on PCs and much more. To provide full network management, alerts are crucial to allow them to support you completely.

Custom Updates & Management

Run Networks has a script library and automation policies in place to install and update software as well as perform maintenance and other checks. This gives them maximum efficiency when managing multiple PCs at once. Their goal is to fix issues before you realize it and prevent situations that could become problems.

Website Monitoring

Your web site is one of your organization’s most important assets. Run Networks has processes in place to alert them to issues that require immediate attention. Even if the outage is out of their control, they will work with the responsible parties to ensure quick resolution to the problem.

Managed Firewall


Firewalls are important in business for the protection of your most valuable asset: your information. Run Networks offers “Firewall As a Service” options, which simplifies the annual renewal hassle of the standard purchase. The additional services add antivirus, spyware protection, and intrusion protection at the firewall level, before the malicious activity reaches the workstations. This extra layer of protection provides peace of mind for your business. More Info

Office 365

Nearly every business today relies on email and shared calendars. Microsoft Exchange is the business standard in email hosting, but requires a large investment in hardware and software. Run Networks offers Microsoft Office 365 to provide businesses of any size reliable corporate email. With different packages available (Email/Exchange hosting, full Microsoft Office Suite or individual programs), all are customizable on a “per user” basis and can be billed monthly or yearly for their clients. The consistent nature of Office 365 is important to syncing of calendars, emails and documents in the cloud and removes the problem of having to “double delete” emails and appointments across different devices.

Web Design

Run Networks is pleased to offer professional and customized web design to their clients. They work with you to develop a site that is easy-to-use, streamlined and communicates your information effectively. By using their in-house web design service, your IT and website support is easily accessed through a client contact form or a phone call. No more calling multiple companies and trying to facilitate communication between them. Your website should be a reflection of you and Run Networks wants to help you achieve the perfect representation of your business online.


Web site hosting gives your online presence a home. When your web site is hosted with Run Networks, you have flexible hosting that receives the same level of attention as the rest of your network. Run Networks’ web hosting can be self-managed so you maintain control, or it can be developed and managed for you.