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woman scans email for email security purposes

Is it Real Or Fake? How To Recognize Phishing Emails

With our inboxes bombarded daily by a myriad of messages, identifying the genuine from the suspicious can often feel like a modern digital detective game. Especially when you consider the ever-present threat of phishing, a malicious sleight of emails designed to steal your sensitive data. But don’t fret, understanding email security is a skill that […]

How to Use the Run Networks Spam Filter

Spam Filter Service Run Networks recently launched Reflexion Total Control as the new spam filter. In the last few years, McAfee purchased MXLogic, which was then purchased by Intel. Intel announced Q4 of 2015 that they were discontinuing the service and quickly started to retire it. Reflexion is part of Sophos, an antivirus product and […]

3 Ways Malicious Email Attachments Can Change Your Life

Recently, we attended a seminar related to security. We were so amazed at the content, that we had to reproduce it. It’s important for our clients to understand why we put restrictions on email and passwords. It’s important to see what is possible without the security provisions we put in place. This is an example […]