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Everything You Need to Know About Mechanical Keyboards

If you were using computers back in the 80s, you might remember using a dull, heavy, gray keyboard. You might have even used IBM’s Model M keyboard before people began to realize its novelty. This keyboard is remembered for its unique switch process; a buckling spring mechanism within each key that produced a definitive click-clack […]

Why You Should Encrypt Your Drive and How to Do It with BitLocker

Encrypting your hard drive adds another, more secure layer of protection to your data instead of just using a password. Drive encryption encodes your data so that if someone acquires your physical hard drive, it is not possible for them to retrieve your data without your passwords/drive encryption key. BitLocker is a program included in […]

New Trend in Remote Storage with a Location We Didn’t Expect!

Cloud storage has quickly become the preferred method of data storage and services like DropBox and Google Drive are everywhere. However, a new method of data storage is emerging. Moon storage is quickly becoming the number one plan for the future of data storage. More and more businesses have been investing in projects to research […]

How to Use the Run Networks Spam Filter

Spam Filter Service Run Networks recently launched Reflexion Total Control as the new spam filter. In the last few years, McAfee purchased MXLogic, which was then purchased by Intel. Intel announced Q4 of 2015 that they were discontinuing the service and quickly started to retire it. Reflexion is part of Sophos, an antivirus product and […]

Germany Lost the War Because Someone Didn’t Change Their Password

Introduction A couple years ago my wife and I saw the move “The Imitation Game”. It was a good movie, but only recently did I associate the entire concept of the Enigma with what we are dealing with today in IT and user policies. Also, we all know it’s important for us to know our […]

How to Use Microsoft Word Style Sheets to Improve Efficiency

Companies usually have document standards that require documents to have certain elements such as font styles, heading, and footers. Changing a Microsoft Word document to fit those elements every time can be a hassle and time consuming. Since Office 2007, Microsoft Word has had a built in way to quickly edit a document to fit […]

3 Ways Malicious Email Attachments Can Change Your Life

Recently, we attended a seminar related to security. We were so amazed at the content, that we had to reproduce it. It’s important for our clients to understand why we put restrictions on email and passwords. It’s important to see what is possible without the security provisions we put in place. This is an example […]

How to Set a Default Font in Microsoft Word

Sometimes users need to change the default font in Microsoft Word to match the firm standard or other documents. This can be done on each document, or by setting a default through Microsoft Word Styles. Editing the “Normal” Word Style and changing a few options will set that style as default. Right click on the […]