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Protect Your Business from Email Fraud

Email fraud doesn’t always look like fraud. More often than not, it can look like a legitimate request from a partner, someone inside your business or organization or even your boss. These scammers have done their homework, and can fool even the savviest business owners and employees. If you wire money or send ACH transactions, […]

Is Your Network Vulnerable?

Introduction SonicWALL sent us a notification recently regarding ransomware vulnerability. Typically, ransomware is difficult to prevent because new strains are released with every infection. Let’s review a few things about why we should care about this alert as well as what the alert is protecting us against. What is a vulnerability? Viruses, malware, grayware, ransomware […]

Changing Your Email Server – Mac Outlook 2011

When changing your primary domain, you will need to change your email server on Outlook 2011 Mac. This document explains how to keep your account, but change the email server hostname in Outlook 2011. If you get a message similar to below, you may have the wrong domain listed. Try to change it to the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Mechanical Keyboards

If you were using computers back in the 80s, you might remember using a dull, heavy, gray keyboard. You might have even used IBM’s Model M keyboard before people began to realize its novelty. This keyboard is remembered for its unique switch process; a buckling spring mechanism within each key that produced a definitive click-clack […]

New Trend in Remote Storage with a Location We Didn’t Expect!

Cloud storage has quickly become the preferred method of data storage and services like DropBox and Google Drive are everywhere. However, a new method of data storage is emerging. Moon storage is quickly becoming the number one plan for the future of data storage. More and more businesses have been investing in projects to research […]

Germany Lost the War Because Someone Didn’t Change Their Password

Introduction A couple years ago my wife and I saw the move “The Imitation Game”. It was a good movie, but only recently did I associate the entire concept of the Enigma with what we are dealing with today in IT and user policies. Also, we all know it’s important for us to know our […]

How to Set a Default Font in Microsoft Word

Sometimes users need to change the default font in Microsoft Word to match the firm standard or other documents. This can be done on each document, or by setting a default through Microsoft Word Styles. Editing the “Normal” Word Style and changing a few options will set that style as default. Right click on the […]