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How to Use Microsoft Word Style Sheets to Improve Efficiency

Companies usually have document standards that require documents to have certain elements such as font styles, heading, and footers. Changing a Microsoft Word document to fit those elements every time can be a hassle and time consuming. Since Office 2007, Microsoft Word has had a built in way to quickly edit a document to fit […]

How to Set a Default Font in Microsoft Word

Sometimes users need to change the default font in Microsoft Word to match the firm standard or other documents. This can be done on each document, or by setting a default through Microsoft Word Styles. Editing the “Normal” Word Style and changing a few options will set that style as default. Right click on the […]

How to Show Formatting Marks in Word 2013

Have you ever noticed some uncommon characters while editing a document in Microsoft Word? These are the characters that sometimes confuse users. But they can help determine the layout of the document. Some steps to show the formatting marks are listed below.   What are the different types of formatting marks that can be revealed […]