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Tips on improving your IT services

Protect Your Business from Email Fraud

Email fraud doesn’t always look like fraud. More often than not, it can look like a legitimate request from a partner, someone inside your business or organization or even your boss. These scammers have done their homework, and can fool even the savviest business owners and employees. If you wire money or send ACH transactions,…
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How to Set a Default Printer

If your computer is connected to more than one printer, you may find it convenient to set the printer you use the most frequently as your default printer. This way, you won't have to scroll through a list of printers to find the one you want each time you need to print something. If you…
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Why You Should Encrypt Your Drive and How to Do It with BitLocker

Encrypting your hard drive adds another, more secure layer of protection to your data instead of just using a password. Drive encryption encodes your data so that if someone acquires your physical hard drive, it is not possible for them to retrieve your data without your passwords/drive encryption key. BitLocker is a program included in…
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How to Set Default Programs Using Windows 10

You may have noticed after your upgrade to Windows 10 that Microsoft has replaced your previous settings for your default apps with Microsoft's own apps. Here is how you can set your default programs back to what you had before the upgrade. (more…)
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