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employees moving emails to outlook favorites

Managing Your Inbox: How to Add Your Junk Mail Folder to Outlook Favorites

Are you constantly overwhelmed by the amount of emails in your inbox? It can be challenging to keep up with important emails while sifting through spam and junk mail. However, there’s a handy feature in Outlook that can significantly streamline this process—the “Favorites” folder.  By adding your Junk Mail folder to Outlook Favorites, you can […]

What Reddit Users Should Be Doing After the Hack (And General Password Safety Tips)

Did you catch wind of the most recent data hack? Yes—Reddit was hacked on August 1st, 2018 and the hacker gained access to user data. According to a statement made by Reddit, “All Reddit data from 2008 and before, including account credentials and email addresses, as well as email digests sent by Reddit in June […]

Protect Your Business from Email Fraud

Email fraud doesn’t always look like fraud. More often than not, it can look like a legitimate request from a partner, someone inside your business or organization or even your boss. These scammers have done their homework, and can fool even the savviest business owners and employees. If you wire money or send ACH transactions, […]

Why You Should Encrypt Your Drive and How to Do It with BitLocker

Encrypting your hard drive adds another, more secure layer of protection to your data instead of just using a password. Drive encryption encodes your data so that if someone acquires your physical hard drive, it is not possible for them to retrieve your data without your passwords/drive encryption key. BitLocker is a program included in […]

How to Use the Run Networks Spam Filter

Spam Filter Service Run Networks recently launched Reflexion Total Control as the new spam filter. In the last few years, McAfee purchased MXLogic, which was then purchased by Intel. Intel announced Q4 of 2015 that they were discontinuing the service and quickly started to retire it. Reflexion is part of Sophos, an antivirus product and […]

How to Use Microsoft Word Style Sheets to Improve Efficiency

Companies usually have document standards that require documents to have certain elements such as font styles, heading, and footers. Changing a Microsoft Word document to fit those elements every time can be a hassle and time consuming. Since Office 2007, Microsoft Word has had a built in way to quickly edit a document to fit […]

How to Show Formatting Marks in Word 2013

Have you ever noticed some uncommon characters while editing a document in Microsoft Word? These are the characters that sometimes confuse users. But they can help determine the layout of the document. Some steps to show the formatting marks are listed below.   What are the different types of formatting marks that can be revealed […]