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Endpoint Protection vs Traditional Antivirus: Which Offers Better Threat Detection

If you had a business a hundred years ago, your biggest fears would be someone coming with a mask and a gun and ransacking your store. Today, the threats have shifted. Now, the biggest threats that businesses face can happen from anywhere in the world, at any time. The shifty robbers no longer wear masks, they use computers. Cybersecurity threats happen constantly, costing businesses upwards of 10 billion in the last calendar year.

How to Protect Your Business in Today’s Digital Landscape

These threats can be hard to stop, but there are tools to help you proactively protect your business, mitigate the losses, and prevent significant damage. One effective approach is implementing advanced threat detection and robust endpoint protection solutions. These solutions act as a crucial line of defense, safeguarding your network, data, and systems from various cyber threats. 

What is Threat Detection?

Just as the “Ring” doorbell can alert you of suspicious activities at your front door, threat detection refers to the process of identifying potential security breaches or attacks on a computer network or system. It involves using advanced methods and tools to detect and respond to malicious activities before they can cause harm.

What About Traditional Antivirus Software?

Traditional antivirus software has been the go-to solution for businesses to protect their endpoints for years. It works by scanning files on a computer system and comparing them to known malware signatures in its database. If there’s a match, the antivirus software blocks or removes the malicious file.

While this method is effective against known threats, it has weaknesses when it comes to detecting new and complex threats. Hackers are constantly evolving, and traditional antivirus software may not be able to keep up with the changing landscape of cyber threats. This makes businesses vulnerable to newer, more sophisticated attacks.

In sum, antivirus solutions:

  • Represent the traditional approach to securing business endpoints
  • May struggle to detect new and complex threats
  • Requires constant updates to keep up with evolving threats

Endpoint Protection vs Antivirus

Endpoint protection goes beyond traditional antivirus software by using a multi-layered approach to security. It combines different tools and technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and advanced malware protection to protect endpoints from a wide range of threats.

Endpoint protection also includes continuous monitoring and threat intelligence, allowing businesses to quickly respond to emerging cyber attacks. Endpoint protection solutions go beyond merely alerting you to a threat, as traditional antivirus software does. They take immediate action to remove the threat. 

So when it comes to choosing between endpoint protection vs antivirus software, the real question at hand is, “Do you want basic protection or advanced threat detection?”

Endpoint protection solutions have the edge over antivirus software in a few ways:

  • Advanced threat detection mechanisms
  • Multi-layered security approach
  • Proactive monitoring and response capabilities

Which Does My Business Need

The answer to this question is that every business, regardless of its specific needs or data sensitivity, should prioritize endpoint protection over traditional antivirus solutions. Endpoint protection is the key to maintaining a higher level of network security in the face of today’s sophisticated cyber threats. It not only safeguards your data but also reduces downtime caused by malware and viruses, a crucial consideration for businesses across the board.

Choose Run Networks to Protect Your Business

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