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How to double-check OneDrive sync

One Drive is the local application that syncs Windows or Mac to SharePoint through Office 365. This continuously syncs to SharePoint so that all changes made locally are synced to the cloud and that changes by other users are synced down to your machine. This situation allows for easy availability, accessibility, security, and offline work…
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Have an iPhone? Make sure you don’t lose your pictures and contacts!

The information that we keep on our phones gets more and more important as time passes. More pictures are being taken, more emails are being exchanged, and more data is being transferred over mobile phones than ever before. How do you make sure you don't lose that information? For a large portion of mobile users,…
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Slow Computers Cost Businesses Money

We developed this infographic to explain: Sources:
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PAIN Point: Employee Efficiency

Many years ago, we had a client who used a tape drive as their data storage device. Every day they changed the tape, but when asked what they did with it, they couldn’t even say if it actually worked. Can you imagine not only the effort going into maintaining and changing the tape every day,…
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The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Office 365

Is Office 365 something you keep hearing about, but are reluctant to try? Well, every day that goes by without it, you are risking your business’ security, efficiency, and budget. The times have changed, and Office 365 is here to make your life easier. While there are a lot of reasons to have Office 365…
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